The Truth About Verity: What's behind the Bow Top?

An Instagram favorite, the Chelsea Reversible Top is inspired by a series of Edwardian photographs shot by an amateur photographer named Edward Linley Sambourne. He was a cartoonist who took up photography late in life as an aid to his art. Using a concealed camera 🤔, he captured the casual side of Edwardian fashion in a manner rarely seen in that period.

From left: a girl with bows in her hair, Kensington, 27 June 1906; a shopgirl on Kensington Church Street, 8 September 1906. Photos by Edward Linley Sambourne


The girl on the left is my favorite, with bows at the end of her braids!

To translate this look for Verity & Daughters, I kept the puff sleeves, which are a key detail from Edwardian fashion, and I added a fabric extension at the neck. It's totally your call how you want to style it—as a bow at the front or the back, or just hanging down like a scarf. It's super flexible—I just want to inspire your imagination. Now, go have some fun with the bows—and show me on Instagram how you style them!


Practice makes perfect